Athletes Foot Cures

Are you looking for information about athletes foot cures? If you’ve got a case of this itchy fungal infection, you’ll want a cure. Not only does it itch, but the condition may also cause the skin between your toes to crack and bleed, which is painful and may even cause difficulty walking.

Until you get treatment, you risk spreading the fungus to others, plus it may spread to other areas of your body as well. Did you know that jock itch is essentially an athlete’s foot of the groin? Well, it is, and you don’t want that. (Here you can read about jock itch treatment if it’s too late and you’ve already got it. We’ll tell you how to get rid of it.)

We’ll let you know all about your treatment options and tell you about our favorite treatment for athlete’s foot.

Over-the-Counter Athlete’s Foot Cures

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You can find over-the-counter remedies for athlete’s foot in any drugstore, as well as in most grocery stores and big-box stores like Walmart or Target. You can also find them online, of course. You’ll find antifungal powders, antifungal lotions, antifungal creams, and antifungal sprays. If you’re overwhelmed or confused by the many options available over the counter, ask your doctor or pharmacist for a recommendation.

An antifungal powder is a good idea if your feet tend to sweat a lot, by the way, even if you’re using another athlete’s foot remedy to cure the condition because it will help keep your feet dry. The fungus that causes the condition thrives in warm, damp, dark environments like sweaty shoes.

Some people prefer natural remedies for athlete’s foot. You can find natural remedies at health food stores and at many drugstores, as well as online. Natural remedies for athlete’s foot and other fungal infections include things like herbs and essential oils. Tea tree oil, which WebMD reports is often effective for the treatment of athlete’s foot when used in a strong enough concentration, is commonly used to treat athlete’s foot. Oregano oil is also often used to treat fungal infections and there is some evidence it is also effective for these purposes.

Not all home remedies commonly suggested for athlete’s foot have been proven effective, though. If you’re looking for a natural treatment for athlete’s foot, we recommend doing your research so you know you’re not wasting your time – and money – on remedies that just won’t work.

Prescription Athlete’s Foot Cures

There are prescriptions available to treat athlete’s foot, although usually, over-the-counter remedies do the trick (1). Even doctors often recommend trying over-the-counter medications first, but if those don’t get rid of the fungal infection on your feet, your doctor can prescribe a stronger antifungal cream or antifungal pills for you. See your doctor if your feet don’t clear up after a few weeks of treatment with an over-the-counter remedy. You should also see your doctor if you are experiencing significant pain or difficulty walking due to a fungal infection on your feet.

While Treating Athlete’s Foot

While treating athlete’s foot, keep your feet clean and dry to facilitate healing. The fungus thrives in warm, moist environments. Change your socks if they get sweaty or wet. The Mayo Clinic suggests not wearing the same shoes every day but alternating pairs, so your shoes have time to dry out. An antifungal powder can also help keep your feet dry.  

Going barefoot at home is all right, as it allows your feet to air out, but don’t go barefoot in public while you’re treating yourself for athlete’s foot because you don’t want to transmit the fungus to other people. Here is more information about how an athlete’s foot is spread. Take care not to infect other people.

The fungus that causes athlete’s foot can infect other parts of the body, too. If you have a fungal infection elsewhere, get treatment for it at the same time you are treating your athlete’s foot. Otherwise, the fungus may spread back to your feet.

Our Favorite Remedy for Athlete’s Foot

Our favorite of all athlete’s foot cures is a homeopathic remedy call H-Athlete’s Foot Formula. It contains Calendula officinalisLycopodium clavatum, and Thuja occidentalis, homeopathic ingredients that fight the fungus that causes athlete’s foot, along with essential oils like tea tree and lavender to relieve the itching and discomfort associated with the condition. It is 100 percent natural and made in the USA. To learn more about our favorite cure for athlete’s foot, just follow the link.

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