Cimetidine Molluscum Treatment

We are sometimes contacted with questions about cimetidine molluscum treatment. Cimetidine is not a very commonly-prescribed molluscum contagiosum treatment, but sometimes doctors do recommend it. We’ll tell you about the pros and cons of using cimetidine to treat molluscum. We’ll also tell you about some of the alternatives. What is Cimetidine? Cimetidine is a drug, … Read more

Folliculitis or Molluscum

Are you wondering if you have folliculitis or molluscum contagiosum? The two conditions sometimes look similar and both can cause itching, but they have different causes, respond to different treatments, and one (molluscum contagiosum) is highly contagious while the other is not. For these reasons, it’s important to determine which one you actually have. We’ll … Read more

Is Molluscum Contagious?

Is molluscum contagious? Yes, it is! In fact, this virus is highly contagious. That’s why many doctors recommend treating the condition, even though it usually goes away eventually without any treatment. It normally takes six to 12 months to go away on its own and during that time, you can easily spread the condition to … Read more

Molluscum Treatment

Many people have never heard of molluscum and have no idea what molluscum treatment options include. We’ll tell you about the skin condition known as molluscum, or molluscum contagiosum, which is caused by a virus in the pox family, and how it is commonly treated. What is Molluscum? It’s a viral infection of the skin … Read more

Symptoms of Shingles Virus

As you age, it’s important to understand and be aware of the symptoms of the shingles virus, which is the inflammation of nerves beneath the skin caused by the same virus as chickenpox, varicella-zoster. As you may know, if you’ve been infected by chickenpox, no matter what age, you are at risk to also develop … Read more