Age Spots Cream

Are you wondering if age spots cream really works? There are some that do and we’ll tell you about them. We’ll also tell you about the best treatment for age spots that we’ve found. First, though, let’s talk a bit about what age spots are and why you might want to use a cream to … Read more

Age Spot Concealer

You may be interested in finding a good age spot concealer because you want to improve your appearance, perhaps to look more youthful. And maybe you want to do that without undergoing expensive, painful procedures like dermabrasion or laser resurfacing and without waiting months for prescription skin bleaching creams to make your age spots fade. … Read more

Cherry Hemangioma

What is a cherry hemangioma and is it the same thing as a strawberry hemangioma? Is it different or the same as a cherry angioma? Are these age spots? Are they a symptom of skin cancer? If you are confused about all these similar-sounding terms and what they mean, you’re not alone. We’ll explain all … Read more

Home Remedies For Age Spots

Are you looking for home remedies for age spots? While the brown or black spots don’t require any medical treatment, people often want to remove them. As the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery points out, improving appearance, enhancing self-esteem, and promoting better skin health are all valid reasons for treating or removing age spots. While … Read more

How to Fade Age Spots

People often want to know how to fade age spots because, while age spots are not harmful to your health and generally require no medical treatment, people often dislike the way they look. Sometimes referred to as liver spots rather than age spots, the brown or black spots often appear on the face, the backs … Read more