Dry Skin Rash

What causes a dry skin rash? A rash does not always accompany dry skin, but sometimes a rash accompanies the redness, flaking, and itching that go along with dry skin. Sometimes, too, dry skin can look like a rash even if it isn’t really, especially if you scratch it because then the area can become … Read more

Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Are you wondering how to get rid of stretch marks? Stretch marks, technically known as striae, are pink, reddish, or purplish indented streaks, often found on the belly, breasts, upper arms, and thighs, usually related to pregnancy or weight gain. Over time, they often fade to white, grayish, or silvery-colored. They usually do not disappear … Read more

Ingrown Hair Boils

Ingrown hair boils are common in areas where people shave or otherwise remove hair, like the legs and armpits on women and the facial area on men. They are more common in men than in women, particularly in young African-American men, possibly because of the typical texture of their facial hair and the fact that … Read more

Is Athlete’s Foot Contagious

Is the athlete’s foot contagious? It sure is! It is very easy to catch an athlete’s foot. We’ll tell you how it is spread, how to prevent catching it (or spreading it to others), and how to treat it if you do happen to catch it. We’ll let you know about our top recommended athlete’s … Read more

Laser Removal of Stretch Marks

Laser removal of stretch marks is just one option if you have stretch marks you wish to have removed. We’ll explain how laser therapy for stretch marks works and tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of using lasers to remove stretch marks. We’ll also tell you about alternatives to laser surgery for stretch marks. … Read more

Makeup Products For Oily Skin

If you’re looking for makeup products for oily skin, you may have noticed that many types of makeup make oily skin even oilier or that it tends to cause acne. You may also be tempted to use a lot of makeup to try to disguise the fact that your skin is oily or to try … Read more

Oily Skin Cure

If you’re looking for an oily skin cure, we’ve got some news for you. While there are things you can do to manage your oily skin, there is no real cure in the way that you can take an antibiotic to cure an infection once and for all. The news is not all bad, however. … Read more

Oily Skin Foundation

If you’re looking for the best oily skin foundation, we’ll tell you which one we like best. If you’re wondering why you’d need special foundations for oily skin, well, we’ll explain that, too. The truth is, if you have oily skin, you need to select all your skincare products and makeup with care. The wrong … Read more