Category: General Skin Conditions

Dry Skin Rash

What causes a dry skin rash? A rash does not always accompany dry skin, but sometimes a rash accompanies the redness, flaking, and itching that go along with dry skin. Sometimes, too, dry skin can look like a rash even if it...

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Oily Skin Cure

If you’re looking for an oily skin cure, we’ve got some news for you. While there are things you can do to manage your oily skin, there is no real cure in the way that you can take an antibiotic to cure an infection once and for...

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Oily Skin Foundation

Close up of woman putting on make up If you’re looking for the best oily skin foundation, we’ll tell you which one we like best. If you’re wondering why you’d need special foundations for oily skin, well, we’ll explain that,...

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