Stretch Marks on Men

Stretch marks on men are less common than stretch marks on women, but men can get them, too. The pink, red, or purplish indented marks usually occur as a result of overstretched skin and while they generally fade in time, appearing silvery or flesh-toned in color, they often never disappear completely. We’ll tell you about … Read more

Skin Disease Caused By Fungus

Skin disease caused by fungus is more common than you might think and many types of skin fungus are quite easy to pick up. We’ll tell you about some of the more common types of fungal infections, including typical symptoms. Most fungal infections of the skin are fairly easy to treat, although you should know … Read more

Stretch Marks After Weight Loss

If you’re wondering how to deal with stretch marks after weight loss, you’re not alone. Stretch marks commonly occur when people gain weight, especially large amounts of weight, especially over a short period of time. That’s one of the reasons stretch marks are so common during pregnancy (the other reason is due to hormonal changes … Read more

Stretch Marks on Back

Is it possible to get stretch marks on the back? While stretch marks, technically known as striae, are most commonly found on the belly, breasts, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms, they can be found in other places as well, including on the back. You may develop them in multiple places. We’ll tell you what causes them, … Read more

Treating Dry Skin Around Eyes

If you’ve got dry skin around the eyes or dry facial skin in other areas, you may be wondering how to best treat your dry skin and relieve itching and discomfort. We’ll tell you the best way to treat dry skin and let you know what skincare products are most effective. First, though, let’s look … Read more