Does Hair Dye Kill Lice?

We’ve been asked does hair dye kill lice by a number of people. Many people want a simple and easy way to get rid of lice and many want to avoid having to see their doctor for prescription medication. In most cases, you won’t need a prescription to treat lice and there are easy-to-use treatments … Read more

Home Remedy For Lice Reviews

People look for a home remedy for lice for a variety of reasons. Maybe they are concerned about the potential side effects of medicated shampoos. Maybe they want something affordable. Maybe they don’t want to bother making a trip to the doctor. Maybe they want something simple and easy. While these are all valid reasons … Read more

How To Prevent Lice

Everyone wants to know how to prevent lice, but unfortunately, preventing head lice is not easy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between six and 12 million Americans get head lice every year. They are primarily spread through direct, head-to-head contact and are quite common among children from preschoolers to middle school … Read more

How To Spot Head Lice

Are you wondering how to spot head lice? It’s important to spot them as soon as possible so you can get treatment for them before they spread to others. Plus, no one wants to deal with the itching caused by lice any longer than absolutely necessary! We’ll tell you how to check for lice on … Read more

How To Treat Lice

Looking for information on how to get rid of head lice? We’ll tell you how to treat lice and also tell you about the best lice treatment we’ve discovered. After all, no one wants those creepy crawly bugs around any longer than absolutely necessary! Head lice are also very contagious, so it’s important to treat … Read more

What Does Lice Look Like?

What do lice look like? We’ll tell you what they look like and also show you some pictures of head lice and their eggs, often referred to as nits, so you can recognize them if you see them. You might think you’d notice right away if you had lice in your hair, but the truth … Read more

What Causes Head Lice?

There is some confusion about what causes head lice. It’s important to understand how lice are spread so that you can protect yourself from them and also prevent spreading them to others in the event you do contact them. It’s also important to understand what does not cause lice so you don’t end up limiting … Read more