Home Remedy For Warts

People often look for a home remedy for warts because they don’t want to see a doctor for wart removal and pay costly medical bills. Many people are also concerned about pain, scarring, and other potential unpleasant side effects associated with medical treatments that remove warts, such as cutting, burning, or freezing them off.

Home remedies for warts include a variety of herbal remedies for warts and other methods of removing warts, some more unusual than others. While herbs and other natural remedies are effective ways of treating many conditions, certainly they don’t all work and they won’t all get rid of warts. In addition, home remedies are often safer than medications and other medical treatments, but they aren’t always safe for everyone. Even herbs you can grow in your own garden can have side effects sometimes. Check with your doctor if you’re not sure whether a particular home remedy is safe for you.

Castor Oil And Baking Soda Paste

According to Web MD, a longtime home remedy for warts is to make a paste of castor oil and baking soda and apply that paste to warts. Web MD goes on to say, however, that there is no evidence that this home remedy is effective for wart removal.


According to herbalists Frances Buning and Paul Hambly in their book Herbalism, the milky fluid inside dandelion stems can be applied to warts in order to remove them. This may be one of the simplest herbal remedies for warts, provided its summertime and you live in an area where dandelions are plentiful, and it’s certainly affordable, but we were unable to find any evidence of its effectiveness.

Duct Tape

Many people think that cutting a piece of duct tape to the size and shape of a wart and applying it over the wart will cause the wart to fall off. This method of removing warts is often mentioned but Web MD says it remains unproven.


Rubbing crushed garlic on warts is another simple herbal remedy. Web MD says that, like the castor oil and baking soda paste remedy and duct tape, though, there’s no evidence that it really works.

Oregano Essential Oil

According to aromatherapists David and Carol Schiller in their book Aromatherapy for Mind and Body, oregano essential oil is used to relieve muscle aches and pains, improve digestion and help with respiratory problems. It’s sometimes used to treat warts, as well. You can buy essential oils at many natural food stores and herbalists. If you decide to try this home remedy, be careful when applying oregano essential oil to your warts because it can cause skin irritation if it gets on normal skin.

Vitamin c

Another home remedy for warts that probably does not work, according to Web MD, is crushing up vitamin C tablets and applying them to warts. The crushed tablets can be mixed with water to form a paste, making them easier to apply. Any type of liquid or paste applied to warts may soften them, but that won’t necessarily make them fall off. In fact, it might increase the likelihood of them spreading.

Our Preferred Natural Remedy For Warts

We like a natural remedy called Naturasil Wart Remover. It’s a liquid that is applied three or four times a day to warts, causing them to dry up in time and flake painlessly away. It contains all-natural ingredients, including a homeopathic remedy called Thuja Occidentalis and several essential oils, including tea tree oil and cedar leaf oil. In addition to treating warts, these ingredients help protect against infection and prevent skin irritation. It’s not as cheap as duct tape, but it is affordable, and it’s definitely more effective. To learn more about our favorite home remedy for warts, just follow this link to the Naturasil Website.