Best Makeup For Rosacea

We are often asked about the best makeup for rosacea. People with rosacea often want to use makeup to help hide the redness and acne-like bumps caused by their condition, but unfortunately, many people find cosmetics tend to make their symptoms worse. We are unable to recommend specific brands for you because different people are sensitive to different ingredients. However, we can tell you about the type of makeup that generally works best for people with rosacea, tell you some things to watch out for, and give you some other skincare and makeup tips.

The Best Makeup For Rosacea

The best makeup for rosacea includes products with few ingredients. The more ingredients in a makeup product, the more likely it is to cause a reaction and exacerbate your rosacea symptoms. Look for hypoallergenic products or products designed for sensitive skin.

Some ingredients that many people with rosacea find irritating include perfumes or fragrances, alcohol, menthol, and eucalyptus oil. Choose makeup and skincare products without these ingredients if you can.

In addition, the Mayo Clinic suggests wearing green-tinted foundation creams or powders, because these are designed to counteract overly red skin. That may sound strange, but they are only very faintly tinted green and they will not make your face look green at all. They just balance out the redness.

Other Tips on The Use of Makeup Rosacea Patients Can Use

In addition to using the right makeup, these tips will help you keep your skin in the best possible condition and reduce symptoms of rosacea.

  • Wash your face well with a gentle cleanser appropriate for your skin type before applying makeup.
  • Remove your makeup and wash your face well with a gentle cleanser at the end of the day. Leaving makeup on too long increases the likelihood of clogged pores, infections, pimples, blackheads, and other skin problems.
  • Avoid harsh products like alcohol-based astringents.
  • Look for products designed for your skin type. Dry skin requires different care than oily skin.
  • Use an antibacterial brush to apply makeup. Applying makeup with sponges is not recommended because sponges are harsher on your skin and sponges may also harbor bacteria that can cause acne and infections. Applying makeup with your fingers is not recommended because there are naturally-occurring oils on your hands that can be transferred to your face, clogging pores, and increasing the likelihood of acne.
  • Don’t share makeup or applicators with other people. That increases the likelihood of infections, clogged pores, and other skin problems.
  • Try new products on a small area of your arm or chest before using them on your face, to make sure they don’t cause an unwanted reaction.
  • Apply makeup lightly. Don’t use more than necessary. Go for a more natural look to enhance your skin.
  • Use sunscreen to protect your skin and help prevent rosacea symptoms. To simplify your makeup routine and reduce the number of products you need to use on your skin, look for products like a foundation that includes sunscreen.

Recommended Skincare Products For Rosacea Patients

In addition to using the best makeup for rosacea that you can get, we recommend using skincare products specifically designed for people with rosacea. We like products from Zenmed, like the anti-redness mask, the gentle cleansing cream for dry skin, and the facial cleansing gel for oily skin. The gentle cleansing cream and facial cleansing gel are good for cleaning your face before applying makeup and for removing makeup and cleaning your face gently and thoroughly at the end of the day, while the anti-redness mask reduces redness so you need less makeup to cover up reddened skin. All the ZenMed products are made from natural botanical ingredients, like herbs and essential oils, that work together to reduce symptoms of rosacea, including redness, irritation, and acne. To learn more, follow this link to the Zenmed Website.

Ref: Mayo Clinic