Plantar Wart Home Remedy What Works

We are often asked about a plantar wart home remedy because many people prefer getting rid of plantar warts without going to a doctor or podiatrist if they can. Some want to avoid painful surgery or other treatments, like burning warts off their feet. Others want to save money. Some are too busy to make repeated visits to a doctor’s office and some just don’t like going to doctors. Whatever your reasons for preferring a home remedy for plantar warts, we’ll tell you about your options and let you know what really works and what doesn’t.

Duct tape

Many people think applying duct tape to plantar warts will remove them. Duct tape is cheap and readily available and this technique should have no unwanted side effects other than some possible skin irritation when the tape is removed. However, we’ve found no scientific evidence that this method actually works. It won’t hurt you to try it if you want to, but it probably won’t help you, either.


Some herbalists claim that applying the milky fluid from dandelion stems to plantar warts will remove them. Dandelions grow plentifully throughout much of the U.S. in the summer and are free for the picking, and this remedy probably won’t cause any unpleasant side effects, but we could not find any scientific evidence confirming that it actually works.


Rubbing crushed garlic on plantar warts is an old plantar wart home remedy. While garlic is readily available and inexpensive, and while this technique is unlikely to cause any unpleasant side effects unless you dislike the odor of garlic, there is no evidence it actually works for getting rid of plantar warts.

Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano essential oil has often been used as a plantar wart home remedy as well as for other skin disorders. It also has antiseptic properties and can help prevent infection. It can cause skin irritation, however, if it comes in contact with normal skin, so apply it to warts very carefully. Some people also experience an allergic reaction to oregano essential oil and if that happens, you should stop using it right away.


This is one of the more unconventional methods for getting rid of plantar warts and we haven’t been able to find any scientific evidence about its effectiveness. Some people swear by it, though. They claim that if you soak a cotton ball in your own urine and use tape or a bandage to hold the cotton ball in place over a plantar wart and change the cotton ball three or four times a day for several days, the wart will soften and fall off. It’s certainly cheap and as long as you’re healthy and have no urinary tract infection or similar illness, it should be safe and have no harmful side effects, but many people simply dislike the idea of putting urine on their feet.

Our Favorite Plantar Wart Home Remedy

There are a number of over-the-counter wart remedies you can purchase and use at home. We’ve investigated a number of the available products and have identified one that we really like. It’s Naturasil Wart Remover and we like it because it’s made from all-natural ingredients. It contains a homeopathic remedy called Thuja Occidentalis 6X, which has been used for ages to treat warts and other skin problems, as well as essential oils like cedar leaf oil and tea tree oil, which soothe and protect your skin while helping to remove warts. It’s not something you have around your house, like garlic or duct tape, but it’s affordable and you don’t need a prescription to get it. It’s also proven to be effective, unlike many home remedies for warts. For more information about our favorite home remedy for treating plantar warts, just follow this link to the Naturasil Website.

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